Thank you to all of our supporters who have made this amazing event possible. We invite you to continue following along on our Blog as we update it and also on the Reflections page as participants send us their own reflections from the trip.

Fundraising Update: $56,954.50!!! (goal: $30,000)

as of Wednesday, February 5 at 10:30am


…to the Sea-to-Sea Nicaragua Website.  Here you’ll find up-to-date information and resources for both participants and supporters of this exciting event.  Please read on and don’t forget to check the Blog for more ongoing information.  Let us know what you think by leaving a response on any page or after any blog post.

Hurricane Felix made landfall on the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua as a category 5 hurricane on September 4, 2007. Most of these communities affected were made up of the indigenous Miskito ethnic group. The hurricane’s winds and rainfall delivered a fatal blow to their homes and crops. Rivers overflowed and thousands of families suffered significant losses.


To raise $100,000 to buy seed to help farmers replant crops that were lost. The Christian Reformed World relief Committee (CRWRC) and their local partner Acción Medica Cristiana (AMC) have been working on this project since the hurricane. Through a special arrangement with the Canada Food grains Bank (CFGB), every dollar raised will be matched 4:1 by the Canadian government.

20 people will bike across Nicaragua to raise awareness for the disaster response. Each rider will secure $1,000 in sponsors.

The Sea to Sea bike tour will take place December 29, 2008 to January 8th 2009.

How to become a sponsor:
See the “donate” tab above, or click here.



  1. I will be saying prayers for your safety, your health, your cause and your witnessing as you ride across Nicaragua. As a rider in the C2C this past summer I know you can not do it without the prayers of the people. Blessings!

  2. I never heard before about SEA TO SEA, a friend of mine gave me your link and now I know the beautiful work that you guys are doing for the Kingdom of God. I congratulate you and I would like to let you know that you will be in my prayers.

    Proverbs 2:8
    8 for he guards the course of the just
    and protects the way of his faithful ones.

    God blesses you.

  3. Hey guys! I wish I could be participating with you. It sounds like quite an adventure! Jess and I will be praying for your safety and health throughout the trip. I can’t wait to hear the stories when you all get back!


  4. Hello Sea to Sea Team:

    Hope you are doing some training, along with your other preparations.
    I need to purchase a new front derailer “Deor X-T” and the rear derailer, “Deor X-T”, I don´t have the number of it, and the big and middle chain rings, also. If someone in the US like Mary Ezell could get it, or Canada that would be great. When are you arriving, Mary?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Muchas gracias, y Dios les bendiga,
    Kenneth Brown

  5. God’s blessings on this amazing journey you will have. I’m so excited for you all and I don’t even know most of you. I look forward to reading and hearing about how each day goes. May you be a blessing to those whom you meet along they way and may the impact your lives far greater then you may expect. God is so good!
    (Sea to Sea 2008 summer cyclist)

  6. This is certainly an amazing adventure for you all.
    Enjoy some of your rewards while you do this great work for God’s kingdom.
    We will have a wonderful time with Calvin and Cathy’s children, whom they have entrusted to us for the time they are away.
    Stay safe and God bless you all.
    Looking forward to hearing from you .
    Mike and Pat

  7. We’ll be praying for all of you as you begin this amazing journey. This is such a blessing for so many Nicaraguans in need.

  8. Hey Dad,

    Have fun! We’ll be praying for you! Love MAMI

  9. Carey & Mary, We are proud of you and wish you a really safe and fun trip (and some fresh breezes to cool you down). You are amazing in your dedication and preparation for this trip, and the cause that you are doing it for. May you all have Godspeed as you go.
    In Him,
    Leah and all at CFCI-Central

  10. Hi Peter and Jane Ann: Just want you to know I’ll be thinking of you as begin your trip. By now you will have arrived in Managua. Wish I could be there with you both. I’ll be praying for you and all the other cyclists and looking forward to updates. Take care and God’s blessings for you all. I’m sure you’ll all anxious to get started cycling. Rita

  11. It’s finally here. You’re all arriving and the adventure is ON!! We’ll be praying for you all.

    Special hugs for Lynn, April and Kevin

    Jeri and Clarence Batterink

  12. Have a great trip. We pray that all will go smooth and everyone will enjoy the country.
    Wow What a fund raiser!

    Roy & Janet Voorberg

  13. Praying God will surround you all with safety, stamina and decent weather…Ride on…Ride on…may you all reach your goals!!
    Sending special greetings and hugs to Calvin and Cathy and Lynn (ON YA my Sister!!)

    MArcia Hosmar

  14. Good luck with your ride Stacey

  15. YAY Mary!!! Great to see you a few weeks ago at Grace. We’ll be following your progress and praying for safety and un-sore muscles and lots of great fellowship on the ride. Love you!

  16. randy(dad) we love you and we’ll pray for you.hope the trip is a great adventure=)

  17. What an awesome adventure for all of you…. I know what cycling is all about, did some of this summer’s Sea to Sea. Your road conditions will be different from what ours were and the scenery will be oh so different – enjoy the beauty of the island. Special greetings to Peter, Jane Ann and Lynn – you all can do – go with God – He will see you through!
    Joe & Margaret DeWeerd

  18. Your Mom(94 years old) says Hi to Henry. She is praying for you and all the riders. She will look forward to the devotions. God keep you safe and bless you all! Elaine

  19. Hope the journey is going well! We wish you all much strength and perserverence. God Bless! Special thoughts for Cathy and Calvin!

  20. Today is your day to begin this great adventure.
    Early this morning we prayed that God will give you strength, safety and health.
    Special love to Cathy and Calvin from their uncle and aunt, but also to the wider circle of bikers.
    God be with you!!

    Louis and Jean

  21. Today you start pedaling…praying for you all! Take time daily to praise God for all you will discover about yourself, each other, your purpose, the country, and our God.

  22. We will be praying daily that your trip will be safe, fun , and to God’s glory.

    Love you,
    Dad and Mom

  23. Hi Team! Today is the official first day–I hope you are off to a great start. We are praying for safety, cool weather, and smooth ride!! Look forward to reading your updates along the way. Blessings-

  24. Happy Trails, guys! Stay safe and St Albert CRC misses you already. Drink in the surroundings, new friendships and opportunity to serve our amazing God.

    Laurie Stol

  25. Hi John/Dad!

    It’s time to ride! 🙂

    We love you and are praying for you! Have fun!

    Audrey, Erin, Andrew, David and Regan

  26. Your first day is behind you! You’ve answered the call and already you’ve been a blessing – to your family and friends as they watched you prepare, to the other cyclists as you met in Managua and now, to the many gracious Nicaraguans you’ve encountered along the way.
    You are also a blessing to many of us who are praying each day and thinking of you as we read the devotionals. You are enjoying a wonderful slice of God’s creations and in His hands each pedal stroke of the way. May you feel blessed as well.

  27. Brian,

    The first day should be in the books now. We hope that all is going well. We are sure that you are making friends with everyone you meet. Please know that we are praying for you and all the riders everyday. God bless you and help you all to be a blessing to the people of Nicaragua.

    Paul and Daphne

  28. Well this is the official beginning of your 8 day adventure. I’m praying for you all. Hope you have a good first day. Remember… “1 peddle stroke at a time”. Thanks for your email Jane Ann. Enjoy the ride!! Rita B.

  29. Hey there everyone! Hope all is going well on the tour and that you all stay safe on this journey. Wishing you blessings of strength and perseverance for each day!! Looking forward to some stories of your experiences…..

  30. Hi Calvin & Cathy, Wim & Alie

    We have been thinking about you and praying for you the last few days, and eagerly waiting for updates on tha blog. Wishing you the strenght and stamina you desire. Ride on man!!!!!!

    Love Paul & Betty

  31. Hope you are having a good time….and that you will be enriched spiritually. We will keep praying all goes well.

  32. Sending love and prayers!!!!!!

    Way to go Lynn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Hi Dad/Henry,

    Hope the ride is going well, we miss you and all your fun shenanigans. It’s very cold here and snowing, wish we could be having the heat you have. Enjoy the weather and the trip while you can. We love you and can’t wait to see you home again.

    Taby and Peter

  34. Wim &Alie, Calvin & Cathy hope all is well and you are enjoying the ride. We are praying that you all are safe and able to keep up.

  35. This is the start of your bike journey. May God go with you all.
    Laura and Mark pray for Calvin (Daddy) and Cathy (Mommy) every night.
    So do we.
    Mom and Dad

  36. Thanks Dave for the blog update today. We will hold the entire group in our prayers with the requests you have given. God is the faithful One. God’s speed and safety in the days to come. Special hugs to Calvin & Cathy.

    Al & Rosanne and family

  37. Hope and pray that the first two days have gone well. Enjoy the venture and remember you all are in our prayers. I know the weather is great as we are on the beach here 🙂

    Al Karsten

  38. Go Cathy and Calvin go! Keep on pedaling!

    We hope that you are having a great trip so far. We will pray for safety for you and the other riders, and that this will be a wonderful experience.

    Love, Steve and Michelle and girls

  39. Hi Randy (son inlaw) Hope you are enjoying the ride . It is a good thing ,you are doing and were praying that all may go well for you and your fellow riders
    Love mom and Dad

  40. Hi Peter & Jane Wim & Alie Calvin & Cathy
    we are praying that you have safe travels and weather will be great at the moment we are having snow and cold enjoy the heat..enjoy God’s Backyard take care The Jeninga’s -Bosman

  41. Calvin & Cathy, Wim & Alie,
    Praying that you are all well and safe!

    enjoy the warm weather and green grass – we had a brief glimpse of the grass this week – but the cold and snow are back…

    Happy New Year!!

    Keith and Trudy

  42. Querida Aimee:
    Estamos orando por todos Ustedes para que con la ayuda de Dios puedan realizar ese lindo proyecto. Änimo y adelante
    Con amor
    Tu familia de Nicaragua

  43. Happy New Year Dad!

    We love you and miss you. I’ll be having a ‘date’ with mom tomorrow in your place.

    Love always, MAMI

  44. Way to go C2C bikers.

    Enjoy the scenery, even the bumpy uphills!
    We will be thinking of you all, especially the Thunder Bay connection, Mark, Jesse, Brian, and Stacy. Wish I was with you guys.

    Bruce, Debby, Ryan and Bailey VandeweWees

  45. HAPPY NEW YEAR PETER AND JANE ANN AND EVERYBODY ELSE!! It was strange not being able to see the new year in with you Peter. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Hoping that the first two days have gone well and that you are enjoying the warm weather and I’m sure beautiful scenery. I’m enjoying following along with the devotionals. By now you must be getting to know one another somewhat. The Lord’s blessings to you all and may He give you the strength and endurance you need each peddle of the way.

  46. Happy New Year to everyone. Also a Happy New Year to Calvin and Cathy from your children Laura and Mark. Hugs and kisses.
    We are eagerly awaiting pictures from the group and to see you in action.
    Many thanks for the update so far.
    Pat and Mike

  47. Hi Ms. Beerda, What a great way to start the new year! We hope you had a good Christmas and you’re enjoying your nice warm weather. We pray that you’ll stay safe and have fun on the rest of your adventure!

  48. Happy New Year to you Stacy. Keep on pedalin’ girl. May the wind be at your back and the air in your tires. Love you!

  49. Hi Dad/Grandpa!

    Isaac found his hand! Megan was busy contemplating hers, and Isaac was watching, when all the sudden he found his own! I love watching them grow and develop.

    We are thinking about you so far away. I’m reading blog pages everyday (in fact, I check several times a day). We pray for you and everyone you are with often.

    I read that the ride has been difficult, but the stories on the blog are so awesome. God is good.

    Take care, we love you. MAMI

  50. A big thank you to Dave for the day to day updates. It is a great way to feel connected in St. Albert. The pictures are great, especially in our 30- weather. Our prayers continue for the team, but we especilly think of Henry, Randy and John. God continue to be with you during your adventure. May you all be a light to the people of Nicaragua. God bless you all! Elaine

  51. Hi Dad…Happy New Year!! We miss you so much and hope that you are having a time of experiencing the richness of God’s blessings. We think Mom misses you A LOT as she called us twice on New Year’s Eve to tell us what her plans were. Remember to keep your butt balm handy as you get further along in your journey! Just think how many Nicaraguans you are helping with each pedal stroke, way to go! Oh, by the way, our basement bathroom flooded today, what an experience. Can’t wait till you are home.
    Amy and Hen

  52. Wonderful pictures; even better stories. Thanks for sharing these adventures, as they can open our eyes to see Jesus along with you.
    I read that the worst day is behind you. (But then, do you actually trust Dave and Mark?) Whether the days are good or bad, please stop to look around so you can savor God’s creative beauty, the suffering and injustice of need, and the efforts toward restoration.
    …writing from the north with an ever deepening shade of green envy.

  53. Hi John!
    We woke up to -32C today. When I took Callie out this morning she chased the ball once, picked it up, dropped it, lifted her paw, hunched over and looked at me as if to say, “You’ve got to be kidding!” We would all love to be there with you. Savor the warm temperatures, the challenges each new day brings, the fellowship of new (and not so new) friends, the beauty of God’s awesome creative work, and the reminders of how God is using you to bring hope and a fresh start to the people you are serving.
    NO MORE GETTING LOST! We do want you back!
    Love Audrey

  54. We praise God for each one of you as you face the elements and test your limits. It is a testimony to God’s grace and power when you have prevailed. Thanks for all you are doing to build connections of encouragement with neighbors in another part of the world. A blessed new year to you all!

  55. Hi to all the team but especially to the “three Saints”: John, Randy and Henry (Haha!) . We wish you a very blessed 2009! You are starting the year by being a blessing to others. What a way to start. May God bless you and keep you!

  56. Hi papa :] It’s karkar. We miss you so much and we hope you’re beeeingg safe ! We just got back from teen time yesterday and now we’re back home, doing the usual chores of my whole life.
    P.S. Jaimis in the shower but I’m sure she says hi and she misses you.
    P.S.S. Daniel says ” Say hi to dad for me. ”
    P.S.S.S. Mom ” has laundry coming out of her ears. ”
    Which I’m sure translates into I miss you lots.
    Love you papy =]
    Wear that helmet with pride ;]

  57. Sooo good to hear you are all doing well. Peter and Jane Ann I hope you haven’t had any bad falls. I’m assuming no news is good news!! Had a good but quiet N.Y. eve without you. Tim and Amanda and friends were able to skate on the pond New Years day yet. I hope to go to Vince and Randa’s on Monday until Wed. if the weather is O.K. Take care and I love you both. Stay safe and enjoy yourselves. You are on my mind a lot. I went to the Y today and biked and was thinking of you guys biking on the rough roads and hopefully enjoying the nice warm weather. I sometimes wished I had gone with you although biking on gravel doesn’t really excite me too much especially if they are in bad condition. Take care. God bless you and keep all of you safe. After today you are halfway right? Before you know it you’ll be cycling on paved roads I hope. Sounds like you are have having an awesome experience. Lots of love – Rita

    P.S. How is Dave doing? Did he have the surgery yet?

  58. Interesting blog today! Could it be Pastor John, Randy and or Henry that you were part of the fast, but lost group? I know John does not really like to be behind for too long! It is a good thing that we continue to pray for you! Just to let you know. I saw a bicylcist today in Edmonton, on slippery (ice) roads and -34. Enjoy the warm temperatures and what looks like a beautiful country. God bless everyone and I will continue to pray for all of you and also the country and its’ people.

  59. I am enjoying the blog – the Atlantic side of Nicaragua looks a lot like Haiti. I hope you have a great time, wishing you God’s protection on the roads, especially when you guys come through the capital.

  60. Hi daddy!
    It’s Jaimi I saw that Kar already left you a message. I miss you lots. Remember when before you left we were talking about how me and Kar were going to camp and it would be so great to be gone at the same time as you so then we wouldn’t miss each other as much!! Haha. Right now I’m working on a social project- it would be helpful to have you here to tell me about the Cold War, but I know you’re busy biking. 😀 If I get any marks back this week on any tests I’ll post them for you. P.S. Kar got offered a job during the Valentines Day Season at Grower Direct which is very exciting! And mom continues to watch Get Smart, and do puzzles, and laundry too. (oh and she also enjoys her heated seat :D) Just want you to know I’m thinking about you! And somebody mentioned that you’d be so tanned when you got back, but I remember how when we were on our cruise, you always wore a hat and sunscreen. So I don’t think you’ll be TOO bronzed. I’m taking care of the mazda- aka not driving it too much.
    I love you very much and am praying for you!
    Please take lots of pictures, because then they can go in the digital picture frame when you get back!

  61. Hey Dad,

    When you got lost, did you temporarily take on Mom’s directional skills???

    Ha ha,

    Anna, Henry J and Amy!!

  62. great to see you are having a wonderful time. Might I suggest more pics of the gang. This is about people we know and love and would enjoy experiencing the trip with them.

  63. Hello again everyone! Mom, Dad, way to go on those hills. I don’t know if you’ve been getting my posts (I’ve been putting them under the “riders” section of the website). Either way, just know that you are minds throughout much of the day. We’ve tried explaining to Simone what it is that you’re doing using the map on-line however she continually asks if you’re coming here on the bikes. She probably wouldn’t mind if you brought her to school again!

    We love you both (the same) very much. By the way, we have our first job interview this evening via skype with a school in Korea. I’m afraid that many of the schools we’re really keen about are that far away.

    You are in our prayers (especially at night after a rendition of “Slaap Simone Slaap”).
    Andrew, Mirjam, Simone and Theo

  64. Hello everyone again, especially to Calvin & Cathy and Wim & Alie. We look forward everyday to reading the blog of your travels. We keep waiting for you to post some pictures of the riders. We can picture Alie leading the pack up the hills (hope it’s true). We will continue to pray for strength and safety as you continue your ride. As many people have mentioned, enjoy the warm weather while you can. It’s been cold here. And Wim you’re not loosing any snow blower sales, we have only got a dusting of snow on the ground. Look forward to hearing your stories when you return home. May God Bless you richly.
    Love from Paul and Betty

  65. Lynn,
    Hope you are doing well. Gods care for you and the team.

  66. Hello again Mom and Dad! Hello too to Calvin and Cathy! I hope all of you are doing well. From the sounds of things, you are enjoying yourselves immensely, have had some truly amazing experiences and have the worst behind you as far as biking goes. Mom, I don’t necessarily see you leading everyone up the hills (not that you couldn’t do it mind you) but I do picture you encouraging everyone around you, saying things like, “you can do it!” or “Think of how nice the ride down the hill will be – it will all be worth it!” I remember when you used to give us a push on our backs when we would bike to South Mountain and back (it seemed SO far as kids). Are you doing that now too?

    We don’t have any real news. You are on my mind a lot. I can’t wait to phone you guys again – I really miss our chats. We love you very much!
    Andrew, Mirjam, Simone and Theo

  67. As the end is near it must be bitter sweet for the riders and the team. You riders did amazing! I loved being with you all by being included in the devotions and by the daily blogs. We felt connected with these, but also felt connected though prayer. God continue to bless you all! I will pray for God to continue to keep you safe as you travel though a very busy city. It will be quite a sight as many people will see you. I hope that the people of Nicuargua will be richly blessed by your efforts. Have there been any local newspapers or such who have covered this achievement? As family, we really look forward to you coming home, and the stories and pictures. We will pray for a safe travel home. God be with you! Love Elaine
    Grandma reminded me to tell you she is praying for you.

  68. Happy New Year! Wim & Alie, Calvin & Cathy, Mark & Nancy & Jesse
    Wow – you are almost reaching the end and I”m sure its been a trip of a life time. Thinking and praying for all of you often and wish you safe travels as you finish the tour and head for home. Looking forward to hearing all about it. I’m so proud of all of you. Also give my best to Peter Beerda – he must be getting to be an old pro at this and I”m sure has lots of wisdom to share on this tour – we wish him well along with Jane Ann, Blessings to all of you, Cindy

  69. Hope you are doing well, Jane Ann. We will pray for you at devotions tomorrow! Looking forward to hearing all about it!

  70. Hey Mary and friends, We are hoping this finds you ready to tell great stories of your trip. Our prayers have been with you. I’m still finding flour in the kitchen from all the Christmas cookies you, Stan, Lech and Liz made there. I’m down to eating the last few:>) We love you and are so proud of you and your friends in helping others. God bless you. Aunt Suzanne and Uncle Mark and family

  71. Keep the rubber side down

    Don’t snap your fork off

  72. Hi Dad! You have almost made it and we are both so very proud of you. We know that this experience has probably been a life-changing one for you, and we are so happy that God gave you the courage to embark on such a journey. Soak up the last few days of sun…the forecast for your arrival day home is -10, which is much better than -34 few nights ago!! We made sure to visit mom yesterday and she is still doing well. We won’t be able to make it to the airport on Thursday night, but we look forward to seeing you very soon! You are almost there…finish STRONG!
    Amy and HJ

  73. Hi Dad/Grandpa

    It is amazing that there are only two days left! You have traveled a long way! It is pretty cool that you can travel across an entire country in just a couple days by bike!

    I needed your shoulder today, as my oven conked out, Megan wouldn’t give me a break, and my washing machine overflowed and flooded most of the main floor!! Mike just says that part of owning a home and being a parent … I did not feel the same way.

    I’m planning on meeting you at the airport – I can’t wait. We will have to find a 24 coffee shop for a quick visit while you are on the south side! Otherwise, you are invited to my house for coffee date on Friday.

    Mike said that Skidooing was amazing, beautiful snow, and unbelieveable weather!

    May God continue to bless your travels in Nicaragua, and on the way home. We love you and miss you! MAMI

  74. P.S.-Dad, HJ wants to remind you to bring back a license plate if you can. We are so excited to see you very soon. Love you lots!
    Amy and HJ

  75. Randy – couple more days of riding to go. We miss you – seems strange not having you here as routines fall into place again. Have enough fun for all of us!
    I think David may be at the airport to pick you up – possibly John as well.
    Love, June

  76. Hey Dad and Jane Ann! I figured it was time to send you a little something! Can’t believe your trip is almost over! I’m guessing that since we haven’t heard any different things are going well. We’ve been keeping up with the trip online. It sounds a little different then past trips! Glad to hear the roads have improved! We’re keeping you in our prayers and thoughts, as always, and are so proud of what you are doing. Much love- Karen, Jared, Jessica, April, Bethany and Lydia

  77. Brian,

    We wanted to send another quick note to let you know that we have been praying for you and all the riders continuously. We wish you a very Happy New Year and hope the ride has been a blessing for you.
    We pray that you will find comfort and strength tomorrow as you “let go” of your second stone.

    Paul and Daphne

  78. Lynn,
    This is yet another attempt to send you a message via the Blog. I sent one yesterday and saw that it went thru but now its not there??? It was good to get some contact from you today. I know your journey has been a tough one but God has carried you in so many ways.
    With only a few days to go you will indeed hvae been a blessing to many and hoefully you will have experienced God”s blessing for you.
    Looking forward to seeing you.

  79. Mom and Dad, thank you so much for the e-mail. I was on the phone with Irene today and we were both saying how much we miss talking to you both and that we can’t wait to have you home again. It’s strange not web-camming with you during the day. Andrew and Simone went back to school today. I worked on my report cards. they are due the friday before i go back.

    Our interview went very well. I think he was ready to offer us both a job – we felt like he was trying to sell us the job instead of the other way around. It was good practice. We’re hoping that this week we hear from even more schools now that the holidays are over.

    Simone’s new favourite word is “plenty”. she uses it… plenty. theo still isn’t talking so you haven’t missed much there.

    Enjoy your last day – I can’t imagine how awesome it must feel to have done this. What an adventure. Andrew and I were saying we hope we do something this cool when we’re your age.

    We love you lots!
    Andrew, Mirjam, Simone and Theo

  80. Just one more day, folks! You are almost there! Stay strong!


  81. Stay strong for an amazing finish to this adventure of a lifetime!

  82. Ride with pride! Great job,with even greater praises to our Lord and King! Wish we could be there for the celebration and the triumphant dip into the sea. We will praise His name with prayers tomorrow as His good work will continue in the country of Nicaragua after the ride is over. God bless you all! Love Elaine

  83. Hi everyone,

    Wow, the end is in sight. What an experience! We can’t imagine all that you’ve experienced (and endured) as a team and as individuals. May you continue to bless and be blessed as you travel this last stretch and then travel back home. Much love to Cathy and Calvin!

    Joanne, Dave and Nicole

  84. Congratulations! Wow! You did it! I’m so proud of both of you – it’s really amazing what you have accomplished as a group. I’m sure that the local population are very thankful and that Mark and his family are so pleased with how you all did, the money you raised and the impact you’ve made. I’ll bet God is smiling because of it too.

    We are very anxious to have you back on Canadian soil so that we can finally talk to you and hear all of your stories. I know that the three of us are very eager to be able to just chat with you again. It feels like you’ve been gone for far too long.

    Have a fantastic final few moments and come back safely. These memories are sure to last a liffe time. I sense another scrapbook mom!

    We love you and will continue to pray for your safety. All our love, tonnes of hugs and kisses,
    Andrew, Mirjam, Simone and Theo

  85. Wow you’re all finished already!! Way to go Peter and Jane Ann!!!. It must be a real sense of accomplishment and at the same time you probably feel as though you are just getting more connected as a group. Can’t wait till I see you again, even though the time has gone fast. Looking forward to hearing your stories and seeing the pictures!! Take care and safe travels home on Thursday. I plan on going home from Vince & Randa’s tomorrow although they are calling for more snow so might stay till Thursday morning. Things are going good at the Beerda household with the new little one, Luke. Pretty busy though. I am enjoying spending time with them. Have a nice relaxing downtime on Wednesday. See you Thursday evening sometime. Love – Rita (Mom)

  86. Congrat’s all! What a great thing you all have done. The people along the way I’m sure feel blessed too know how much you all care. You are fundraising but more importantly you are showing God’s love. Hey John I guess you can write Sunday’s sermon on the flight back. Andrew Luth

  87. Can’t wait to see you Cathy and Calvin. It has been such an experience for you and for everyone that you have met along the way.
    Your children are well and we all pray for you.
    Have a safe trip home everyone.
    Mom and D

  88. What happened on the last day? No pictures or comments about the celebration? We have been waiting to hear someting! This is frustrating for us very far from the action! We do count on this site. We have prayed and trust that all went well.

  89. Hello and congratulations to all participants. God bless you abundantly for your efforts on behalf of those affected by Hurricane Felix.

    For those waiting to hear about the finale (it was great!) Centro Nehemías and AMC are preparing photo galleries and hope to have something up on the web soon.

    In the meantime, if you would like to read more about Acción Médica Cristiana, the local Nicaraguan partner that will be using the funds raised through this extraordinary event to accompany communities on the Coco River as they continue to recover from the damage caused by the hurricane, please to to http://www.amc.org.ni

    The site is in Spanish, but click on Huracan Felix to get English news releases from last year during the emergency. News Release No. 10 gives a summary of the work that AMC has carried out for more than a year and will continue to do so with this amazing and generous effort of Sea to Sea!

    Our news and events page will soon have photos and information about the trip and a link back to this page.

    Grace and peace to all the participants and supporters.

    Belinda Forbes DMD
    United Methodist Missionary
    Acción Médica Cristiana

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